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The Make Music Day ambassadors
We are happy to be supported and endorsed by these music lovers…


“The King’s Singers are delighted to support Make Music Day UK.  The joy of singing is that all you need is a human voice, so we encourage you all to get involved on 21 June.”
The King’s Singers

“I am proud to be an ambassador for Make Music Day UK which celebrates music-making annually on the longest day of the year: 21 June. There will be free events taking place up and down the country and it offers the chance for everyone to find their creativity be it as a performer or listener and to share in the joy of making and appreciating great music.”
Nicola Benedetti


“Having been overwhelmed by the creativity, beauty and – dare I say – love of humanity that burst over me on various ‘Jack Lang’ days in France when the music and the streets went wild, I am delighted to be an ambassador for the surge of sound that is Make Music Day UK. When I stumbled into that loving day, Fête de la Musique, while in Lille, I ended up doing an improvisation on a guitar (an instrument I couldn’t play), singing a song where the words were made up as I went along. I got a rousing and roaring crescendo of encouragement. I commend you all to get involved in any way you can.”
Lord Bird MBE, founder of The Big Issue


“Music has an extraordinary ability to touch, reach and unite all, a language that can be used to express the whole range of emotions. The London Mozart Players would like to dedicate the orchestra’s activities on 21 June to Make Music Day – recording music by Italian composers, Boccherini and Rossini – using music to embrace different countries of the world.”
London Mozart Players


“EVERY day should be a day to make music, so I’m delighted to draw the attention of the world to this on June 21. The creative compass of music-making gives life to our imagination, gives flight to our dreams and nourishes our compassion. Music is the clearest window we can have into the world, as well as being a mirror for our own hopes and happiness. Wherever you are, whoever you are, make June 21 a day to Make Music, and make yourself happy!”
Elin Manahan Thomas

“There’s nothing better than doing something creative – apart from doing something creative and making a noise. So get out there and make some! Sing, play or bang something and you’ll feel great for it”
Guy Pratt,  bass player with Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Madonna

“Make Music Day is for everyone… imagine a day where free, live music will be everywhere: street corners and parks, rooftops and gardens, store fronts and mountaintops. Do get involved – I’ll be singing in the studio!”
Jon Snow

“Music has the power to completely transcend human experience and yet it is one of the most essential parts of being human. Opportunities to make music should be available to everyone and on June 21st it’s your chance to have a go. I’m very fortunate to be able to make music every day and Make Music Day is a chance for everyone to experience the joy and transformative power of playing music. I’m really chuffed to be an ambassador for this wonderful day!”
Sam Sweeney, Violinist, Bellowhead, Leveret and Artistic Director of the National Youth Folk Ensemble

“In Apollo5 we love sharing the joy of singing with people everywhere we go. We will be celebrating Make Music Day with children from London. Wherever you are, we hope you get involved. Music brings us all together.”


“Make Music Day is an excellent excuse to make some noise and celebrate the countless benefits of music making. Creativity should be a part of each of our everyday lives and I am proud to be an ambassador.”
Edward Vaizey MP