June 2021

The making of my Christmas single ‘Santa Are You Almost On Your Way’

I will be premiering a short home-made documentary (15:41 min long) explaining my journey writing a pop Christmas single. I wish to help and inspire fellow songwriters to challenge themselves writing a Christmas song 😀 Here is a 30 secs trailer of the documentary to tickle your curiosity. Please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/lI1ctF_oOmw Content:
  • About me
  •  … and the melody was borne
  • Interesting facts about Christmas songs
  • The idea behind the lyrics
  • Collaborating. Agreements…and disagreements
  • The recording
  • The business of royalties and contracts matters
  • Releasing or pitching
  • Useful links to design some artwork, make a video (and more)
  • Conclusions
  • ...for a bit of fun
  The documentary will premier at 18:00 (BST) https://youtu.be/iefRAPyS76A The song will premier at 18:30 (BST) https://youtu.be/NdaALapB3Uw  as a one off (for now) as the song isn't released yet! I will go live on my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKkf6VLDuDs9CGFPSPGmS-w just before the premier of the documentary, after it is finished, and after the premier of the song to answer questions. Join me and share you songwriting stories 🙌 Hope to see you on the night 🥳 All the best, Consu 🤘🏻 www.consu.uk
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