Auld Lang Syne Project – Make Music Day UK


We invite musicians of all levels to join this year’s global Make Music Day celebration, and to participate in our exciting Auld Lang Syne project. This classic Scottish song takes on a new poignancy in these times of social distancing, as it acknowledges the importance of friendship and human connection.

With lyrics written by Robert Burns, Make Music Day commissioned Hamish Napier and Cat Myers to create a special arrangement of this traditional folk song. The song is renowned the world over, yet remains quintessentially Scottish. ‘For Auld Lang Syne’, is loosely translated as ‘For the Sake of Old Times’, and everyone is invited to get involved!

Whether you are a seasoned singer or player, or just starting on your musical journey, we invite you to film your Auld Lang Syne performance and email us a digital link to it,   where it may become part of our musical video collage. The video will be premiered on the Make Music Day website and social channels, on Sunday 21 June, and will be part of the global Make Music Day Live Stream. We encourage you to upload the video of your performance to your own social channels on Make Music Day, tagging #MakeMusicDayScotland and #MakeMusicDayUK

You do not need expensive video recording equipment to take part. All you need is a camera phone, and we have plenty of tips for you to help you capture great footage of your performance.

This invitation is not limited to those enjoy singing, or have access to musical instruments. We welcome contributions from people playing home-made instruments  too, so why not get creative with pots, pans and salt shakers in the kitchen, or check out Bash The Trash’s environmental art project, link below, who will show you how to create fun instruments from found objects!

We’d love you to get creative with your musical arrangement. Above all, participation in the project should be enjoyable, so feel free to involve family, pets and props! Perhaps even go outside into the great outdoors, if you can do so safely? We want to make it as easy as possible for people of all ages to participate, so have created some resources for you to download:

There are also lots more resources in the Resources section of the Make Music Day UK website. The Deadline for submission is 5pm on Friday 5 June. If you are under 18 years old you should have parental or guardian permission.

Please introduce yourself prior to starting your recording. Please tell us your name, if you belong to a particular group, and in a few sentences what making music means to you, and why you chose to participate in this #MakeMusicDayScotland project.

– Please name the file of your video submission in the below format:

ALS_Instrument_Participant name e.g. ALS_Guitar_JohnSmith

Your performance video will be too large to attach to email so you will need to share it via a file-sharing website like Dropbox, Google Docs or We Transfer.

Please email a downloadable link to your video to:

Please include in your email:

  • Your Name and also the name of the band/group so we can credit you.
  • Your organisation if relevant
  • Any relevant social media handles so that we can tag you
  • Town & Postcode of where you made the recording.
Click here to download the Auld Lang Syne Participant Agreement


We can’t wait to see your submissions!

Should you have any questions, please email us on, and don’t forget to follow us on socials!