The Make Music Day Drum Battle brought together drum and percussion groups of all ages from around the world, celebrating our rich cultural diversity.

How did it work?

  • Drum and percussion groups from across the world were invited to sign-up to take part.
  • After all participating groups registered, an online meeting took place to get to know each other and prepare for the MMD Drum Battle.
  • A series of online workshops / masterclasses took place, some organised by participants / experts in their field.
  • Each group then submitted a percussion / drum solo with its own ‘ritual’, for example including visuals, stunts and stick tricks where relevant. This could have been existing material or something produced just for this project.
  • The recordings were edited together and the MMD Drum Battle was premiered online on 21 June via the Global Broadcast.
  • This project involved 30 drum/percussion bands from the Netherlands, Brazil, Nigeria, India, Slovenia, Lithuania, United States, UK and Mexico.
  • Watch the drum battle below:

This project was managed by the Organisatie van Muziekverenigingen in Fryslân, Netherlands.

Photo: Phoebe Montague_Photography