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ABRSM Virtual Ensemble

Join musicians from all over the world in a performance of How far I'll Go from Moana

Celebrate Make Music Day by taking part in our Virtual Ensemble

For this year’s Make Music Day on Sunday 21 June, we’re creating a virtual ensemble and we want you, your students, your friends and your family to star in it! We’ve chosen How far I’ll go from the Disney film Moana for our ensemble, music that also features in our Singing for Music Theatre syllabus at Grade 5. Whether you play an instrument or sing, we want you to get involved.

We’re very proud to be a supporter of Make Music Day, a grassroots celebration that usually brings communities, musicians, venues and promoters together to put on free musical events. This year, it will be a very different but no less special Make Music Day and you can be a part of it.

To join the musical fun, download your part from our website and submit your performance by 7 June. We’ll then transform everyone’s contribution into an ABRSM community performance fit for Make Music Day.

It’s easy to take part. Just follow this step-by step guide to joining the ABRSM Virtual Ensemble …

Download your part

Have a good warm up


  • This is essential! Practise singing or playing along with the backing track several times, so you’re familiar with the music and what you need to do before the recording.

Prepare to record

  • Avoid wearing small patterns like polka dots or stripes, because it will look wavy on the screen.
  • Find a quiet place to record and be aware of what’s behind your when filming. Avoid filming with a window behind you.
  • You’ll need two devices, one to record you and another to listen to the accompaniment. Prop your camera up so that the camera is facing you at about face level, approximately three to four feet away.


  • Make sure you’re about to use landscape mode to film your performance.
  • Hit record on the device you are using, before you hit play on the accompaniment. If you’re not happy with your performance, delete the file and start again.
  • We only want to hear you playing your instrument, not the backing track.

Share it with us

  • Email your video to us at playon@abrsm.ac.uk.
  • So we know who it’s from, it will be helpful if you can rename the video file with the following information: voice/instrument, surname (for example ‘Alto, Jones’ or ‘Flute, Smith’).
  • Finally, please include your full name and country in the email so we can add you to the credits.

Happy music making … and we look forward to receiving your video!

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