After You've Gone – Make Music Day UK

After You’ve Gone

Five of our favourite songs about loss, rejection... getting chucked, basically!

We’re Lindsey and Andy – a dad and daughter duo who love everything jazz, blues and spiritual. We usually play in two different bands together, but haven’t been able to jam for aaaaaaages! So here are a wee selection of some of our favourite songs to perform.

They loosely carry a theme of, as we say in the West of Scotland, gettin’ chucked (also known as dumped, patched, pied… basically when your love interest decides to “take things in a different direction”). Between us we have a fair bit of authority on this subject, so it seemed like a good fit!

This doesn’t mean we’re all doom and gloom though – we’ve got a couple of uplifting numbers representing that moment you pick your bad self up again, throw on a pair of sling-backs and hit the dancehall (also something we both know a fair bit about…)

We hope you enjoy this tribute to the world’s dumpees as part of Make Music (and Fathers’) Day!

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