An introduction to Indian Takeaway: Rāg and Tāl basics – Make Music Day UK

An introduction to Indian Takeaway: Rāg and Tāl basics

with Indian music specialist Yogesh Dattani in partnership with the ISM Trust

An introduction to Indian Takeaway: Rāg and Tāl basics, is a practical online resource from the ISM Trust, created by Yogesh Dattani, Indian music expert and Head of Ealing Music Service. The resource enables anyone to successfully play a piece of Indian classical music on any instrument. It uncovers the basics of the melodic (rāg) and rhythmic (tāl) structures of North Indian classical music, through innovative multimedia that includes 12 live workshop videos alongside text, a graphic score and staff notations. Yogesh will introduce Indian Takeaway, lead some fun workshop games, and perform on the tablā. Everyone is invited to join in either by playing an instrument, singing or clapping.
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