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Open Arts “Lockdown Gamelan” performance

Using found objects around the house, the Open Arts Gamelan Ensemble have found their own unique way to continue playing together during the lockdown!

The Open Arts Gamelan Ensemble has been together for 10 years, comprised of musicians with and without disabilities.

If you haven’t heard or played in a Gamelan orchestra before, then your life is not complete!  Click here to see our Gamelan in action!

During the current lockdown, we haven’t been able to play our beautiful Gamelan instruments, so we decided to find objects around our houses and gardens that were tuned to the traditional Pelog scale (roughly D, E, F, G#, A, Bb, C), and then we gathered via Zoom to try putting something differently-beautiful together!

We hope you enjoy our performance – and feel inspired to create your own Lockdown Gamelan!

For more information about the Open Arts Gamelan, visit:

or email Musical Director, Bev McGeown:

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