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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Make Music Day always on 21 June?
Yes – the date stays the same every year, which means the day of the week changes. This date has been the same across the world since 1982.


Do all events have to be free entry?
Yes – one of the founding principles of this global celebration is that the events are free at the point of entry and therefore accessible to the greatest number of people. This does not mean that revenue cannot be generated in other ways – food and drink, merchandise, raffles, in-kind support, donations etc. Sometimes people organise a fundraising event prior to the big day in order to cover their costs.


This all sounds great – how do I get involved?
You could organise an event or play some music. We want our events map to be full with music events in all corners of the UK. This is a grassroots music festival and therefore event organisers create events under their own steam – we do not provide any funding or assist with the production of events. Of course events need performers, so you can sign up to register your interest in performing somewhere local to you.


I’m not a musician so how can I get involved?
You can still get involved! All events need help with promotion or hospitality, stewarding or technical assistance on the day. The needs vary from event to event, so in most cases you would need to contact the relevant organiser. We also have a volunteers sign up page so that we can help find you somewhere to assist.


What does my account on the MMD website enable me to do?
It depends on whether you signed up as a Performer, Venue or Organiser. The performer account lets you create an artist profile so that venues local to you, and our project managers, can try to find you a spot for Make Music Day. The venue and organiser pages mainly let you list an event on the map. An organiser will generally have an event ready to go (including performers), but a venue might be offering their space to artists and/or organisers.


What benefits are there for businesses who take part?
Don’t be put off by not being able to charge for entry – Make Music Day is a great way to bring in new customers, connect with your local community, increase footfall and to bring in revenue in other ways once your attendees have arrived. We have put together a number of case studies to better illustrate how various organisations participate.


What support do you offer to event organisers?
Our project managers are very part-time, but are trying to give as much support as possible. We are continually developing our useful online resources and are also contactable by email if you have any burning issues. When you sign up and want to list an event you have the option of being sent some promotional materials for the day. We have a number of musical and marketing resources that can help you along the way.


Why isn’t there an event in my area?
This is a DIY festival, so it means nobody in your area has yet heard about Make Music Day or been inspired to set up an event. Maybe you’d like to make a start? We have a list of ideas for potential events.


Can my event be in an established venue?
Yes it can! We also want to see Make Music Day events in public spaces – maybe a space where people don’t normally expect to find music such as town square, railway station or library. However, these are more logistically difficult, the British weather doesn’t always play fair and of course – we also want music venues to flourish as well.


Who runs Make Music Day?
Make Music Day UK is run by a couple of part-time project managers and managed on behalf of a steering group of eight organisations by Making Music and Music For All – with support from the international Make Music Alliance and inspired by the original Fete de la Musique which started in 1982 in France. Here in the UK, the project is also supported by over 50 organisations from the music sector.