International Projects

Make Music Day 2022 will be a truly international celebration of music-making.

Make Music Day started in France in 1982, and has since become a truly international movement. In 2021, over 120 countries overcame the challenges of lockdowns and restrictions to celebrate their music-making with communities from across the world. 

In 2022, that spirit of international collaboration is set to continue. June 21st will see Make Music Day events take place in Australia, Nigeria, Kenya, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, the UK, the USA and many more. 

Many of the countries and cities taking part are planning projects which invite music-makers from across the world to work together. To make is easier to get involved, Make Music Day UK has created a Google Document to collect ideas for international collaboration projects. This file is open to anyone to read and contribute to. You can use the form in two ways: 

1. Add your ideas to the Projects table
2. If you are interested in one of the ideas, add your name and contact details

Click on the link below to access the document. 

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