Jubilee Marathon

For Make Music Day 2022 we are gathering together a number of Music Marathons where people passionate about a particular type of music, composer or instrument can contribute to a video which will be launched on 21 June. We have gospel, trombone, choral and organ videos on the way. We would now like to add a Jubilee Marathon to the list and it is easy for you to be part of it. If you are going to be involved in a performance around the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Weekend at the start of June let us know via email what you will be playing (info@makemusicday.co.uk). We will then send some information about how when when to send us your recording which we will then stitch together to create our Jubilee Marathon which will be broadcast on Make Music Day. This is a great opportunity to mark your contribution to two major events this June, the Platinum Jubilee celebrations and Make Music Day.