Make Music Day UK is back!

To celebrate the longest day of the year we are bringing back Make Music Day on Thursday 21 June. This amazing day involves musical performances of all types of music all over the world. All of the events will be free of charge, so leave your wallets at home!

Make Music Day originally started in France in 1982 and is known as Fête de la Musique, which means “festival of music” and “make music”. It is now celebrated worldwide in over 120 countries and 750 cities. There was a whopping 17,000 events at last year’s Make Music Day in France, reaching 2 in 3 of the country’s entire population! Make Music Day has become rapidly popular in the USA and Canada. It was only celebrated in 3 cities in 2011, however as of last year it is celebrated in 53 cities in North America.

How can you get involved? You could be part of a series of performances in your town centre square or on your village green, on a bandstand or on top of a mountain, or – bearing in mind British weather – in a shopping centre, a train station, a library or a hospital. But plenty of events last year also took place in more usual event spaces which simply threw their doors open more widely than normal, for instance with open rehearsals, workshops, Come & Sing or Come & Play events, and more.

Two part-time project managers are working on providing practical and artistic resources (performing rights, marketing templates, Make Music Day song, a New Orleans inspired brass band piece, a flashmob toolkit, etc.). They also manage the website where events are listed and the central marketing and PR support.

Making Music and Music For All are the two charities leading on this event supported by a 9-strong steering group and by a wider network of over 40 organisations from the music sector. We seek to inspire, facilitate, broker and lead by example (by creating some of our own events) and to coordinate events which are put together by all of you, wherever you are. We’re here to help, but not to do.

There’s something for everybody, whether you want to perform, learn to play a new instrument, organise an event or just to watch. Make Music Day is a great opportunity to showcase your talent, try a new instrument or even promote your venue. Make Music Day is open to people of all ages and skillsets. So don’t be a stranger, we’d love to see you there.

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