MIX MASH Studios

Want to try your hand at the MixMash Studios challenge? Click here for a batch of samples, and tag @makemusicdayuk and #mixmashstudios with your creations!

Project background

In June 2021, music makers and sound samplers from across the globe came together virtually to create new and imaginative compositions.

This truly international project builds on Street Studio Cities (2015-2019), and the Lockdown Sound Challenge (2020). Presented by Found Sound Nation and Harman, Street Studio Cities set up outdoor mobile studios in cities all over the world, where producers invited passers by to stop and sing, play an instrument, or record audio for the evolving Street Studio track. For 2020 and 2021 The Lockdown Sound Challenge in partnership with Plugged saw producers working with samples submitted by the public from across the UK to create new and exciting music.

MixMash Studios took both initiatives further, inviting more people around the world to participate through contributing their own samples, and more producers to take on the challenge of creating a new track with the samples for the global broadcast.

MixMash Studios connected music fans and producers together from the UK, USA, Australia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and more to create new music that celebrates a world of sound.

How did it work?

From 6-19 June, musicians and non-musicians were invited to add short sound samples to the global collection – bass lines, barking dogs, vocals, machine noises, or anything else they find intriguing.

Then, from 20-21 June, producers had 24 hours to create an original piece of music using only the samples provided, and nothing more. Some producers took on the additional challenge – and glory – of live-streaming their production process and creating a finished track in just one hour.*

All participants were encouraged to share short videos on social media of them creating samples or work in progress on their tracks using the hashtags #mixmashstudios #makemusicdayuk and #makemusicday.

Sounds ace, how do I get involved for 2022?

Join the mailing list and watch this space!

MixMash Studios is a partnership with Plugged

*An equal number of samples will be randomly assigned to each of the 30 official MixMash producers to create an original track from, and whilst we hope to be able to make use of all the samples submitted, we can’t guarantee your submission will be used in the final track created by the producers.