A unique and distinct blend of accessible original music with a truly broad appeal.

If there’s any truth behind the saying “music is the language of the soul”  then nothing could be truer for this Singer-Songwriter.

Paul Moleta aka Inseek is an all round talented songwriter, vocalist and live act, shaping a unique and distinct blend of accessible original music with a truly broad appeal.

Inseek’s music roars not only catchy hooks and melodies but are crafted with an alternative pop rock sound delivered with great emphasis on professional songwriting and studio recording.

Of deep inspiration and an authentic feel, the transference of emotion by Inseek is driven with absolute passion, heart and soul in every song written.

Inseek is currently recording with producer Ger McDonnell at Windmill Lane Studio holding credits working with U2, Def Leppard, Kasabian.

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