Lea Soto & #NOSOLOFLAMENCO project

Blues, Rumba, Rock-pop and Flamenco fusion. Spanish classic tunes versioned as you've never heard them before.

#Nosoloflamenco project is an initiative from a Spanish collective of musicians in London, to bring to the London crowd the diversity of influences of the contemporary and Spanish classic tunes, coming from every corner of Spain.

A Show of the best and legendary Spanish classic tunes versioned as you’ve never heard them before. Blues, Rumba, Rock-pop and Flamenco fusion. Because Spain is #notjustflamenco for the first time in London, the #nosoloflamenco project wants to unify Spanish artist from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Galicia, Sevilla and Malaga.

The show is represented by Lea Soto, London based singer-songwriter from Madrid with Costa Rican and Peruvian descent. The music director of the project is the eclectic artist David Gonzalez, guitarist, arranger and music producer with a long music background both in London and Spain.

Great musicians are part of the #nosoloflamenco project such us Ignacio Lusardi Monteverde or Sara Benhs among other guests. 

The show brings to the audience an authentic trip to Spain with songs haven’t heard before in London. A through the musical history of big names such us Mecano, Extremoduro, Nacha Pop or Miguel Rios among others.


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