Modern Day Poet

I am a rapper/singer/songwriter/producer, and I have currently finished my degree in music production & performance. I have been rapping for six years, and it has become my main occupation ever since. My music is unlike mainstream rap artists that we hear today known as the “mumble rappers”. I prefer a more humbled approach to my music, taking time to intricately place each sentence in a song. I write to spread knowledge, emotions, and empowerment, music is an escape for me, but I recently noticed how my music can affect other peoples minds & body, which has put things into perspective for me as an artist.

I have an E.P. coming out this month (14 tracks), and an E.P. which I released last April which is available on my Soundcloud page (15 tracks). I started recording and producing my own songs 4 yeas ago, and have made over forty songs since. These songs can be found in the links bellow.

I am pursuing a career in music performance, and I am searching for any opportunity to perform in London.



London (Greater)

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