Pick Up & Play!

Guest blog – Dawsons Music & Sound Ltd ‘Pick Up & Play’ Initiative  

Encouraging people of all ages to begin their musical journey – and stick with it! 

Taking those initial tentative steps into the world of music-making can be a daunting prospect. For one thing, there are so many instruments to choose from. Running through the alphabet from Accordion to Zuffolo, which one is right for you? Not only that, but there are instruments with all manner of accessories such as amps, bows, hammers, mallets, and more. Taking all this into consideration, navigating the plethora of musical products that are available can be an exciting yet bewildering experience.

The ‘Pick Up & Play’ initiative from Dawsons Music & Sound aims to make the process much easier. The hope is to encourage everyone to experience the joy that comes with playing an instrument – or several. A newfound passion and lifelong pursuit can be awakened simply by making the choice to ‘Pick Up & Play’.

Benefits of Making and Performing Music  

The benefits attributed to playing music amongst both younger and older players are widely reported and espoused by media outlets around the globe. You only need to perform a search in Google for ‘benefits of playing a musical instrument‘ and over 41 million results are pulled within 0.60 seconds!   

One such study highlighted that “studies of children undergoing music training consistently show that they perform better in the areas closely associated with music: fine motor skill, rhythm perception and auditory discrimination”.   

Another study found that in older adults several cognitive, health and emotional benefits from participation in community music-making such as “the acquisition of new skills, a sense of achievement, and improvements in concentration and memory; increased vitality, improved mental health and mobility and feelings of rejuvenation; and protection against stress, protection against depression, support following a bereavement, a sense of purpose, positive feelings, confidence and opportunities for creativity”.  

Making Music Together: Make Music Day  

The community aspect of making music is the most intriguing. Ask any musician about their experience of playing in a band, ensemble, collective, orchestra, etc. There is an indefinable delight in performing music as part of a group, no matter how accomplished or unaccomplished as one may be on their given instrument. There is a sense of belonging, of being part of something bigger than the individual, and of creating something new. Even if it is the first or the millionth time you have played it, there is always something new to learn about the song, your instrument, about others, and about yourself.  

As well as connecting people to instruments, the ‘Pick Up & Play’ initiative is about sowing the seeds and nurturing the music community from a grassroots level. Music is all about collaboration, which is why Dawsons Music & Sound is getting involved in Make Music Day as part of the ‘Pick Up & Play’ Initiative. Connecting musicians locally, nationally, and internationally opens windows to new ideas, new partnerships, new relationships, greater understanding of different cultures, and imbues participants with the pure joy that comes from musical creativity in collaboration with others. 

Pick Up, Play, Be Creative, and Collaborate!