Creative Workspace, Withywood

Community Arts Centre in Withywood, South Bristol

We are intending to run an open mic event within our community cafe on 21st June in the morning. 10.30-12.30pm.


There is a visual arts workshop for older people happening at the same time in the cafe 10.30-12noon so there will be people there to listen to the music! So we’re looking for musicians who are happy to play in that vibe in the morning.


For musicians who like a bit more volume and pace, we’re hoping to host a bit of a jam in the afternoon 2-4pm and possibly stream it if we can get someone with the technical know-how to do this (we will approach local partners Knowle West Media Centre), but the details have yet to be sketched out. We are open until 4pm so want to fill the afternoon with music too if we can!


Creative Workspace, Bristol, BS13 8LF,UK


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