Anyone can perform on Make Music Day, it is totally different from your average music festival. It’s a DIY Music Festival where participants organise their own gig, or join organisations that are creating activity for Make Music Day. No invitation required, you are all invited to be part of this truly global celebration of music making.

There are only three conditions for your event to be part of the Make Music Day programme.

  • It must be free to the public
  • It has to be music (of any kind)
  • It needs to be performed (or first broadcast where digital) on 21st June

To help make the most of your participation, we offer a number of resources on this site, everything from how to create a live stream to programs for making bespoke posters.

Every year we run a number of initiatives providing opportunities for our participants to collaborate or to be part of the broader Make Music Day celebration.  Some of these collaboration opportunities come from our partner Make Music Day events around the world.

If you can’t find the answers to your questions on our website feel free to contact us and we will help however we can.

Here’s what you need to do to take part in Make Music Day

  1. Sign up to our newsletter to receive regular information about the event
  2. When you know where you are performing List Your Event on our website
  3. Perform or broadcast your event on 21st June

Come and join the world’s most exciting musical party.

Be a Venue

One of the joys of Make Music Day is that performances can take place anywhere, from a major concert hall to a home studio.  All manner of buildings and spaces have been used for Make Music Day from established music venues, churches, community centres, libraries, galleries, shopping centres, bars and outdoor spaces such as parks and town squares


If you manage a space that would host some free live music on June 21st send us a message through the contact form telling us where your venue is and what kind of musicians you would welcome on Make Music Day.


With anything up to 3,000 events taking place across the UK, it s likely there will be a Make Music Day event near you.  Check out our listings for details

Eddie Seaman Mugdock

Knowledge and Skills

We run a wide range of workshops for our participants and we have an extensive library of resources to help make your Make Music Day contribution a success.  Check out our resources page and sign up to our newsletter to receive  news of new workshops and resources.