Tuning in: Caroline Kunzler

Fiddle player, Caroline Kunzler performed on Make Music Day as part of an Irish Trad Session alongside fellow musicians, Ronan (guitar), peter (fiddle) and Lawrence (tenor banjo). We interviewed Caroline as part of our Tuning in series – discovering the musicians behind Make Music Day.

Tell us about the type of music you play
I play folk music on the fiddle – mainly Irish traditional music – jigs and reels – the sort of thing that you will dance to at a ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee). It is great fun to play as it has a great range of musical sounds, from driving, rhythmic reels to jaunty hornpipes, from heart achingly beautiful slow airs to mad and catchy polkas!

What drew you to Make Music Day?
Make Music Day embodies a folk musician’s ideal event – music played by community members who are not necessarily professional and who play for everyone in an accessible, and often fun, venue. We played in the stunning Hay’s Galleria, where modern London – glass topped open plan restaurant and bar area – meets the old London of the river Thames. The ethos of making music together for enjoyment and a sense of community is common to both the Make Music Day event and the Trad session culture.

In your view, what are the benefits of taking part in Make Music Day as a musician
Its a great opportunity to play your music in a new venue, meet other performers, experience the buzz of the event and even get a T-shirt if you are lucky!

What’s your favourite set to play at a session and why?
My favourite set of tunes would be some cracking reels such as The Spirits of Wine, McFaddens Handsome Daughter and Dr Gilbert.

What plans do you have to take part in Make Music Day events in the future?
I hope to get invited next year to play again – its good fun!

Involved in traditional folk music? Spread the word and organise a session on Make Music Day 2020, Sunday 21 June. Register to take part. Or if you’re a musician who’d like to offer up your perspective of playing on Make Music Day as part of our Tuning In series, get in touch!