Doorstep Gigs – Bring music to your street

For those looking for an easy way to get involved in Make Music Day 2021, a gig on your doorstep was the perfect choice. 

Tell me more, what is a ‘gig on a doorstep’?

A doorstep gig is exactly what it sounds like. It’s going out onto your doorstep and playing a gig for your neighbours – could be one song, could be a 100! This could be singing, playing an instrument or for those super talented folk, it could be both. People took part as individuals and as whole households.

It’s a great way to bring Make Music Day to your street, have a giggle with your neighbour and spread a bit of joy. What’s not to love? 

How do I do one?

They don’t take much time to organise, so anyone with a little bit of musical talent should be able to take part. Here’s a few pointers in the right direction:

  1. Think about what you are going to perform and do your own ‘set list’. What songs do you know? What instruments can you play? What would appeal to your neighbours?
  2. Do some rehearsing. Practice your performance in the comfort of your own home and hone in what you are singing and/or playing… this practice time will help to settle your nerves for the big day!
  3. Decide on a time and promote your performance to your neighbours. You could send out a message on your street’s WhatsApp group, put a poster up, send out invites and tell your neighbours over the garden fence about your plans. Make sure you give as much notice as possible and remember to remind people closer to the 21 June as well. 
  4. Ready, steady… perform! On the 21 June open your door and serenade your neighbours. Let’s bring Make Music Day to as many people, streets and communities as we can and let the joy of music sweep across the UK.

Are there any materials to help me promote my gig?

There’s nothing stopping you doing a gig at any time of year and you can download marketing materials from the Make Music Day UK website to help you:

Here you will find digital promotional materials to use online to promote your doorstep gig (check out the ‘Digital Gig In A Box’ tab), a make-your-own poster tool and soon we will be uploading some print and colour-your-own marketing resources. 

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