Global Song Circle


Global Song Circle is a new global community music project which teaches a new easy to learn song every month with a different teacher and singing group each time.  The idea is to inspire and encourage groups, individuals and families to learn the songs and then sing them in their communities on a monthly basis and on Global Days of Unity weekend, to feel connected in their communities and also around the world, through singing. 
Jane Hanson tells us about the project so far:
The project is a partnership between One Day One Choir and Uplift Connect and it was created to launch at the beginning of March – which turned out of course to be not the best time to start a go outside and sing project!  So, we’ve had to adjust as well as we can to the new circumstances we’ve all found ourselves in, not only by encouraging people to sing from home, but also by finding ways to film groups around the world for each new film.  This has been a bit of a challenge but we’re getting there. 
We also like to partner with another organisation or group when we can, so in March it was the London College of Creative Media (LCCM) who helped us to produce our first film.  In April we teamed up with an environmental movement who had written a new song to inspire people to make positive changes for the planet.  We had to make our May song completely in lockdown but we were really lucky to work with VOCES8 who of course have a great education project, and this month we’re working with, Make Music Day, which is great! We have the amazing King’s Singers on board and our ODOC MD, Jeremy Haneman who is conductor of The Mixed Up Chorus, The Royal Opera House Community Choir and Singing Our Lives.
Next month we want to find a group in another country and who we can work with outside too, so watch this space … 
get involved!
In the meantime, we’d love people to learn the new June song which is sung in Zulu – yes, Zulu!  It’s a very short and simple traditional South African Song called Thina Singum and it’s simple to learn just one line or, as you will see and hear in the film below, two or three.  Download the free sheet music here
We ask people to film themselves having a go and to share that with us to inspire and encourage others to have a go – we’re not looking for a professional performance here, just someone having a go and enjoying learning a new song.  This month we want to encourage people to try an acapella app too so that they can either sing more than one line themselves or, get a friend from another location to join them virtually in a simple way.  
For more information visit and don’t forget to tune in to watch the official Make Music Day UK Live stream on Sunday 21 June!